Do you think I should run my nose if not I like

I’ll tell you a story 100% real was in the paper last week this happened in 2013 an 18 Cuban years bellisima looked like a princess good stature beautiful hair all very well but she keria have more chichis because he believed that he had chikitas Desidio increased bust and a complication callus in a coma for three months and the awakening was a horrible eyesore to stay apart the lady and had to care for 24 hours in the before and after is to stay as a cadaber with meat stuck to the bone as if something dreadful tape stuck to the bone llorava complete morrita how much his mom nights. If God sent us one way or another we have to thank life and health. Analyze and take your own decision.

If it is a problem of body dysmorphia (when you perceive your body in a distorted way) surgery does not intervene, that is why some people plastic surgery becomes an obsession.

Just taking all precautions. More consultation with a surgeon, find out who actually is certified plastic surgeon and to address in a prestigious clinic. The face and your life is too valuable to take risks saving some money.

What can you do if you to not to cut the arms and each time you do feel depressed?

I understand you, all my arms are marked haha, I thought I was not going to leave this ****** ever and it was the best.But I assure you is not the best, you just do more harm yourself and you let the skin marked for all your life. Trust me and tratatelo by a professional and if you do not want to go anywhere psychologist. Try quitting. There are other ways to vent. That’s the worst you can choose, I said a girl with experience.

Many people believe that some do it because they are stupid and want to commit suicide, when in fact the effect of cutting is to release tension and stress, and to help relieve this anxiety accumulated throughout the day, especially in young people who have problems school, I’ve never cut, I had friends that if much is cut and the truth if you simply would stop to replace it with other forms of relax, when I have anxiety I made a nap and wake up like new, just it helps you. Note that every time you cut you damage your skin, and it leaves you sequels that could stay marked on your skin all your life, keep in mind what I said before, if you can not and want to do to let off steam, try look for other ways, you can try yoga or other Desporte or activities to help you, there are an infinite number of these. I hope you have been helpful, a greeting

You must go to your doctor to perhaps send to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Or maybe you can go to one of these professionals on your own. You may have a depression or some other disease. Look depression in a search engine.Usually reliable links as Wikipedia, MedlinePlus, FamilyDoctor, tuotromedico, fisterra, NetDoctor and others. Docto

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